Easy Vegan Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

This is another one of my “What’s in the fridge and cupboard” creations.

I used Garam masala, which is a blend of ground spices common in cuisines from the Indian subcontinent. It is used alone or with other seasonings. The word garam refers to “heating the body” in the Ayurvedic sense of the word, as these spices are believed to elevate body temperature in Ayurvedic medicine [Wikipedia]

I try to avoid dairy (I’m slightly intolerant) so this curry has coconut milk instead of yogur.

Which makes it vegan and also delicious!

1 can of chickpeas (or 250g, 9 oz cooked chickpeas)
1 can of 🍅 (400g, 14oz)
1 can of coconut milk.(400g, 14oz)
Half a cauliflower (if small 1 cauliflower)
1 red pepper
1 onion
Salt, garam masala and cumin
Coconut oil (or Olive oil)

Cut onion and peeped thinly and fry in a bit of oil until soft.

Add the garam masala a stir for about a min

Cut the cauliflower in florets.
Incorporate the rest of the ingredients and cook for 20- 25 min, or until the cauliflower is done.

Serve with some boiled rice or bread and enjoy!

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