Pa amb Oli

Translated bread with oil, effectively bread with tomato, virgin olive oil, garlic (sometimes) and plenty of toppings to choose from.

Traditional from Mallorca, its very similar to Pa amb tomàquet in Cataluña or pan con tomate, now a staple for any tapas dinner or for breakfast.


Bread, non-white country bread best

Tomatoes, ripe.


Extra virgin olive oil.

Toppings: Cheese, cured meats, smoked fish

Original calls for ramellet tomato, a mallorcan variety and mallorcan olive oil, but it’s not easy to find, so just choose a good oil. In simple recipes as this, the quality of the ingredients is key.


[Optional] Rub the bread with a garlic clove

Rub the bread slices with a ripe halved tomato [tip: you can grate the tomato pulp with a cheese grater to have the tomato “sauce” pre made]

Pour some olive oil on top.

Choose your toppings and place on the bread, add some olives capers or similar.


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