Simple Roasted Chicken legs

This recipe is one of my all time favorites. It is so easy I’m not sure you can call it recipe.

It takes a bit of time to cook, buy you can spend that time on the sofa watching Netflix.


Chicken legs


Olive oil

Salt and pepper


Put a little bit of olive oil In a roasting pan and place the chicken legs.

Add salt, pepper and place the rosemary twig (I just learnt that word, it means the cuttings) in between.

Roast for about 40 min at 200ºC (400º F) or until done.

[Tip: to check if its cooked, insert the tip of a knife between the drumstick and the thigh and if the juices are clear, its done]

Et voilà, dinner is ready. Its just needs some potatoes or salada, or any side you choose.


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