Disclaimer: they can be addictive. Tortas de aceite is a quite traditional Spanish sweet, and there is a brand that
Easy dinner, you only need to control the timing. I love oven dinners for weekdays, because it allows me to
This is a sweet that is typical from Galicia and cooked during "Entroido" (Carnival). In Italy they have a similar
Roscón de Reyes is by far my favorite Christmas sweet recipe. Traditionally is served the night of the 5th or
A very wintery sweet, one of my favorites, and it requires white wine!!
  Perfect winter comfort with white beans that melt in your mouth. Fabada is the typical dish from Asturias, a
Pisto is a Spanish dish originally from the Region of Castilla La Mancha. It is made of tomatoes, onions, eggplant
Gazpacho means summer to me. Its one of the easiest and fastest things to make and a classic in Spanish
This time, featuring my father's specialty, chicken breasts in sweet wine sauce. Perfect with some mash potatoes or vegetables on
Translated bread with oil, effectively bread with tomato, virgin olive oil, garlic (sometimes) and plenty of toppings to choose from.